Intentional Torts / Hate Crimes Florida

Mr. Tracy Sharpe has represented individuals brutalized or killed Mr. Sharpe has also successfully represented clients who were severely beaten or murdered by private individuals on a basis of race, or sexual orientation.

A reflection of this firm’s commitment to litigate serious personal injury and death cases is demonstrated by the successful litigation of intentional torts committed by police officers, which constitutes only a fraction of the law firm’s practice.

Mr. Sharpe is a specialist in Section 1983 United States Code Police/Municipal Liability Litigation in State and Federal Courts. Civil Rights prosecution has included multiple recoveries in excess of several million dollars against the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, City of West Palm Beach Police Department, City of Lake Worth Police Department and the Riviera Beach Police Department.

Prior Title U.S. Code Section 1983 Federal Claims litigation includes but is not limited to:

  • Jewett v. City of West Palm Beach Police Department (in custody police beating death)
  • Dawson v. Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office (police shooting/fatality)
  • Moradian v. City of Lake Worth Police Department (police shooting resulting in paralysis)
  • Lamore v. City of Riviera Beach Police Department (jury verdict determination of municipal liability)
  • Mueller v. Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office (police beating injuries, conspiracy retaliation claims involving PBSO Internal Affairs Division)